Saturday, May 6, 2017

Friday Night Video - How Soon Is Now?

When it comes to music, it's a truism that most people listen to the stuff they pick up relatively early in life - perhaps age 10-25. After that, you start getting busy with jobs and kids, and by the time you glance back at the music scene it's moved light-years away from what you like, at which point most people start grumbling in ways much like their own parents did a generation earlier. And so the cycle continues.

The side effect of this dynamic is that it means most music is either aimed at teenagers or nostalgia(and even then, usually it's for the stuff that was aimed at you when you were a teenager). And while the usual meme that teenagers are stupid is false, as a group they really can be enamoured of the bold, dramatic, and edgy. For some that means aggressive music, for some it means esoteric music, and for some it means emotional music(or, when heard by someone over the age of 30, vulgar, "just noise", and whiny, respectively). This band is basically the patron saints of that last category - playing tunes for the kids who just want to feel things. I was never one of those kids, and so I always found their music to be whiny and obnoxious.

Except this one song. Not only is the instrumentation much more to my liking, but the lyrics always struck me as being much less angsty. Yes, yes, "I am human and I need to be loved", but there's also "You shut your mouth!" and the like. But the one that always struck me was the opener - "I am the sun and the earth" is almost bragging, which seems really out of place in one of their songs. It struck me as being a great line, one that made me think they had some brass to them and not just more fuel for 15 year olds trying to write bad poetry. I gave them credit for that, thought better of them for using lyrics that sounded proud and not sad. Even the emo kids need to feel proud sometimes, right?

So imagine my disappointment when I found out I was hearing the lyrics wrong, and that he is in fact the son and heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. sigh...

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