Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friday Night Video - First Time

It's interesting being on a campaign that may actually win. I spoke of this a bit earlier in my series on the Conservative leadership, but it's still odd. I'm the guy who supports people way too principled to actually win, not the guy who backs the frontrunner. I know I'll probably be disappointed, and I have several friends who'd tell me I'm putting too much faith in a partisan politician, and I probably am, but it's worth a shot. Better to have someone who fails to live up to their principles than someone who never had them in the first place. Still, being on the winning team? It feels like the first time.

Also, because I forgot last week, I have a bonus video this week, and it's a tribute to another fallen musical great. It's interesting looking through the list of songs on my computer by Chris Cornell to see what I should post for him, and seeing names like "Fell on Black Days", "Let Me Drown", "Like Suicide", "Pretty Noose", "The Day I Tried To Live", and "Show Me How To Live", all of which seem to be in incredibly poor taste right now. So I'll pick one a bit more uplifting, and which I like better as a song too.

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